To School Administrators, School Board Attorneys and Educators Who Fight Against My Child

Jennifer Ryan

To the school administrators, school board attorneys and the educators who cannot see past my daughter’s disability:

Saying no just because you can is not in my child’s best interest and ultimately serves no other purpose than to show the power you wield has consumed you and will only negatively affect your bottom line at the end of our battles.

Trying to save money at the expense of my daughter and her future is not OK. That’s why legislators and Congress passed the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act — to protect my child and every other child with a disability.

Know that I won’t back down, no matter how entrenched you become in fighting us every step of the way — you wouldn’t compromise on your own child’s safety nor bet against his future, and we certainly should not be expected to.

Have you ever met my child, spent a moment in her company, let her spirit touch you? I’m certain the answer is no. What makes you think you know anything about her at all, or are qualified to determine what service she would benefit from, or could be denied or what is appropriate for her?

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