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Lorraine Donovan

President and Founder

Lorraine Donovan is a successful Orange County, Calif., businesswoman, communicator, author and dyslexia advocate. Lorraine’s commitment to dyslexia education began the day she learned that she and her son had dyslexia. Securing a bright future for her son meant she needed to ask the right questions, find answers quickly and pursue learning solutions for him. Without understanding dyslexia herself, she could not advocate that schools use proper learning techniques with her son.

Lorraine began relentlessly consulting with professional learning disability association data (The International Dyslexia Association, Learning Disabilities Association of America, Decoding Dyslexia, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Academic Language Therapy Association, National Institute for Learning Development), researched government and academic reports, attended parental support groups, and battled for her son’s right to educational accommodations in school. Digging deeply into subject’s scope, she interviewed pediatricians, special education teachers, classroom teachers and parents of children with dyslexia, and joined with experts who work to change the education system.

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Stephanie Setmire

Vice President and Member, Board of Directors

Stephanie Setmire (aka Super Dyslexia Girl) helps us reframe dyslexia from a “disability” or “disadvantage” to a “superpower”. She has been changing people’s minds and mindset around dyslexia through dyslexic empowerment and community awareness.

As a dyslexic, Stephanie faced self-doubt and challenges during her early school days. She thought she was like every other student and did not know why school was challenging. She thought everyone learned the same way. Until one day, she met other dyslexics that helped her realize why school felt so hard sometimes.

Stephanie began to explore her uniqueness throughout her young adult life and became very interested in nurturing the whole child & early childhood education. She pursued her degree in Early Childhood Education from La Verne University and began her career as an Early Childhood Educator. In these roles, she focused her attention on the whole child, early detection of learning needs, and parent & teacher awareness around what dyslexia or other learning differences are really about and how to constructively approach them.

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Amy Tompkins

Secretary and Member, Board of Directors

Amy Tompkins is a passionate dyslexia crusader. She was diagnosed with Dyslexia in the third grade and experienced first-hand how students struggle in an educational system that is not designed for them. Through great determination and grit Amy graduated from California State Long Beach with honors. Through a wide variety of work experience, she learned to thrive in a creative and technology-based career.

Amy is also an active and proud mother of three children. Two of Amy’s children have IEP’s, and so she understands the emotional, physical and time demands that are needed to manage the special education system. Her oldest son has dyslexia and is in high school. His journey through the educational system has been a tough and enlightening experience. The reality that not much has changed since Amy was in school. Learning how appropriate identification and services are tough to find.

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Anne Webber

Member, Board of Directors

Anne Webber has been passionate about helping students with dyslexia and learning differences for more than 20 years. In 1994, she came across a book titled, “The Gift of Dyslexia,” by Ron Davis. She decided to read this book after meeting Jason, who would later become her husband, who is also one of her greatest sources of inspiration. Anne was instantly attracted to Jason’s out-of-the-box thinking and creative problem solving. He was very driven to “just get out of school,” a place that had battered him around for his entire school career except for a select few exceptional special education teachers. “The Gift of Dyslexia” book helped her to understand the dyslexic mindset and shaped her thinking to realize the gift that dyslexia can be.

As a teacher, Anne recognized early that most dyslexics do not realize their gift. Sadly, it’s because they are often told they are “not smart” or “they are not trying hard enough.” Could you imagine having a gift that you cannot even open? Or worse, the gift you have makes you feel anxious, worried and defeated every, single day at school. Anne made it her mission to make school a safe place for all her students. She was on the lookout for kids that would normally slip through the cracks and worked tirelessly to get to know them better and adapted her teaching to their learning styles and unique needs.

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Herb Silverman

Member, Board of Directors

After meeting Lorraine, Herb was introduced to Dyslexia and became interested in understanding the causes and benefits of the dyslexic mind.

Herb has in depth experience in technology and business practices. He can help guide and expand the reach of Dyslexia Voice as it strives to influence early childhood diagnosis throughout the educational framework. He is very interested in teaching methods that can benefit both the dyslexic and non-dyslexic students.

Herb can also help support Dyslexia Voice’s outreach to the donor community and help ensure that donation dollars benefit dyslexic students with particular emphasis on reducing the student to prison pipeline that is undermining many of the communities in the US.

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