Missions and Goals
And the Three Pillars


These are the three pillars in which Dyslexia Voice is guided.

Awareness on dyslexia also includes education on dyslexia. For Dyslexia Voice they go hand in hand. That’s why it’s important to back-up awareness with solid, evidence-based information that tackles the underpinnings of ignorance on dyslexia. We accomplish this by frontloading the community with impactful and relevant understanding as to how dyslexics process and learn new information and how parents, educators and public can guide and teach to dyslexic children in ways they learn (and not the other way around). When this occurs, “real” learning for dyslexic children begins.

Dyslexia Voice is committed to the following:

  • Educate the general population about dyslexia
  • Educate teachers about how to detect and teach dyslexics
  • Introduce the needs of the dyslexic population to philanthropic groups and individuals in order to provide: scholarships to dyslexic students to provide: teaching materials and other support; provide funds to operate Dyslexic Voice; all to avoid the downward spiral to a potentially wasted life of the dyslexic.
  • Still further as Dyslexia Voice “blossoms”, provide outreach to the prison population to teach the inmates to overcome their lack of literate skills almost all due to dyslexia not detected or treated at an early age.

Solutions include new and effective teaching approaches that actually work, accommodations and modifications that support these approaches, access to classroom teachers and special education service providers knowledgeable and trained on dyslexia, access to appropriate school materials (textbooks, worksheets, test, etc.) with “readability” that meet the learning needs of dyslexic students, computer-based technology (including computer software apps and learning tools), audio-books and, an abundance of multi-sensory, tactile, and out-of-the-box hands-on learning. When this occurs, magic happens!

Results are measured by met goals. Having a great plan is important, but if it doesn’t get implemented, its purpose is defeated even before it gets started. Dyslexia Voice is committing to following-through in order get the results we expect – Results that improve and support the academic and emotional needs of dyslexic children – Results that improve the graduation rates and lower the drop-out rates of dyslexic children – Results that improve the overall quality of life for dyslexics to become happy, healthy, successful, and productive adults, and at the same time, dramatically reduce youth and adult incarceration rates (to name a few).

Dyslexia Voice approaches these three pillars with knowledge, ability and thoughtful implementation. Below, is how we accomplish this.

As a member of the community, your voice also counts. We encourage you to reach out to us with questions, information, ideas or thoughts. We promise to respond to your comment(s) or inquiry promptly.

Lastly, if you can, please help support our efforts by making a tax-deductible giving donation to Dyslexia Voice, which is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation. All donations go directly to supporting the needs of dyslexic children as described in our three pillars.

Please stay in touch with us by visiting our website often for updates, events and success stories.

Thank you. Take care.

Dyslexia Voice

Raising Awareness

  • Organizing Dyslexia Awareness and Educational “Events” for Parents, Educators and the Public.
  • Providing Informational Materials (via different medium and media), that inform and educate parents, educators, and public/private communities on dyslexia.

Positive Solutions

  • Scholarship Offers for dyslexic students
  • Grant Offers for educators and non-profits with a focus on dyslexia
  • Funding of Audio Book subscriptions and technology applications for dyslexic students

Effective Results

  • Academically supported dyslexic students
  • Reduction in school drop-out rate and juvenile incarceration of dyslexic children
  • Increased emotional health and well-being of dyslexic children resulting in happy and successful adults