Artwork from dyslexic children are displayed on pages throughout the website. We ask that you take a moment and pause, reflect on the artwork and enjoy an inspiring “famous” quote below each piece.

Dyslexia Spotlight

These are interesting success stories of prominent dyslexic individuals highlighted in the Dyslexia Spotlight page.
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There Is More Than One Kind Of Intelligence

This video is dedicated to anyone who thought they weren’t intelligent because their mind did not work the way that school wanted.

Dyslexia Voice

Awareness, Solutions, Results


Welcome to Dyslexia Voice and our journey (which includes you) to supporting the educational and emotional needs and experiences for millions of dyslexic children!

Your interest in learning more about dyslexia and how we (as a community) can make a difference is what Dyslexia Voice is all about – Awareness, Solutions and Results!

The Dyslexia Voice website is a “living” information hub for those wishing to be “in-the-know” on dyslexia. We encourage you to visit the website often, as it is active and ever-changing and consistently updated.

Our goal is to provide current, accurate and cutting-edge/21st century knowledge and education on dyslexia to help parents, educators, medical professionals and special education service providers, etc. navigate and support dyslexic children.

Together, we are the change makers – the movers and shakers of the millions in the dyslexia community in need of a “voice” for those who are voiceless – our dyslexic children.

Dyslexia Voice invites parents of dyslexic children, classroom teachers, special education service providers, pediatricians, school administrators and other like-minded professionals and philanthropists to be part of the solution.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
– Margaret Mead, Cultural anthropologist.

This website has the following topics represented by the main menu tabs:

  • Home: This page (and sub-topics) describe Dyslexia Voice’s heritage, its missions and goals, and introduction of the leadership team.
  • Dyslexia: Each sub-topic provides valuable information to assist in helping to understand the nature of Dyslexia, the many associated characteristics, and how they relate to each other.
  • Resources: This section has an enormous trove of information and reference material to keep you busy diving deeper into the Dyslexia topic with videos, references to books and websites. Valuable “forms” for parents and educators are also available for download and use.
  • Community Events: These topics include a calendar of upcoming events with reference to more details on how to participate. Also provided are articles of prominent individuals who are dyslexic and have thrived by taking advantage of their intellectual and “superpower” gifts.
  • Call to Action: These are topics that require immediate attention and action. Academic neglect, and other causes can lead dyslexic students on a downward spiral, if not provided appropriate educational and emotional support.
  • Blog: These are a collection of curated articles of interest to the Dyslexia Voice community.
  • Support Us: These topics seek donations to help support student scholarships, educator grants and Dyslexia Voice educational activities.
  • Contact Us: How best to contact the Dyslexia Voice management and Board of Directors.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions or comments about the Dyslexia Voice website or how we can better serve the dyslexia community..

L. D.

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