Herb Silverman

Silverman is a consultant to Merchant Capital Bancorp (MCB) who provides strategic advisory services to businesses seeking to grow through acquisition, expansion and through implementation of various growth strategies.

More recently, MCB has supported startup business growth using the Lean Start methodology and Crowd Funding to minimize out of pocket costs for clients.
IntegratedBizTechnologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of MCB provides technology and analytical tools to support various business models with robust online application platforms.

These include: multi-level marketing recruiting and deal flow using search engine and video technology; business brokerage transaction and matching of buyers and sellers; home mortgage litigation support with transaction and matching of distressed homeowners and attorneys.

Herb Silverman was a founder and CTO of Protocol Analytics where he guided the corporate direction and technology development for new products supporting Storage Area Network (SAN) monitoring and control using Expert system technology.

Silverman has been involved in storage and storage related companies for over 25 years. In 1982, he deployed multi-host storage subsystems before SCSI was standardized. For Emulex, as Director of Engineering, Silverman was responsible for a suite of SCSI tape and disk controllers introduced to the market in 1984.
As founder of Peer Protocols, Inc.in 1985, Silverman pioneered protocol test equipment for SCSI and later Fibre Channel devices. Peer was sold to Xyratex in 1995 where he was CTO for this $400M spin off from IBM in the UK. As CTO, Silverman was responsible for guiding Xyratex engineering and product development teams in the UK, Irvine and San Jose, both in CA.

Other entrepreneurial experience included founder of Data Kinesis, Inc., an innovative developer of server and storage accelerators. Data Kinesis was sold to Adaptec in 1996.

In 1998, Silverman founded and funded an Incubator called Nest, LLC in Irvine, CA that spawned several companies using Expert system technology for financial analysis, Search Engine Optimization and Internet traffic monitoring.

Early in his career, Silverman worked for RCA Corporation, General Automation, Basic Four and Microdata in a variety of technical and management capacities.
At RCA, Silverman received the prestigious Sarnoff Award in 1967 for work on a factory test system used to test Color TV picture tubes.

Silverman is a former Tech Coast Angel and has a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University in 1965 and 1970 respectively.